Been there and back to nowhere: gender in transnational spaces, postproduction documents 1988-2000

Tipus de publicació  Multimedia
Format  llibre
Autoria  Ursula Biemann
Any de publicació  2000
Editorial  B Books
Lloc de publicació  Berlin
Suport  físic
Llenguatge  anglès
Tipus de llicència  copyright

Ursula Biemann's Been There and Back to Nowhere is about minority women in border zones, the representations made of them in the media, and the efforts of artists working collaboratively with them to construct a different set of images. More specifically, it is about the ways that female bodies circulate in the transnational spaces of the global economy. It is an unusual text, so much so that I hesitate to use the word "book" to describe the experience it offers, for its discursive mode is qualitatively different from a traditional "book." The front cover with its subtitle "postproduction documents 1988-2000," alerts us to this difference by attuning the reader to its filmic and photographic origins. Indeed, Been There and Back to Nowhere is, simultaneously, filmic document, artwork, vita, and feminist text.

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