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Tactical Tech, in collaboration with the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), are organising a 7-day event for up to 50 women and trans people to learn tools and techniques for increasing their understanding and practice in digital security and privacy and to become digital security trainers and privacy advocates.

Marinaleda acogerá la edición de 2014 del Hackmeeting, una reunión anual de hackers y activistas sociales que se celebra desde el año 2000.

American International Journal of Social Science (AIJSS) is a double blind peer reviewed journal published by

Doctoral grants for the project GENERA

Editors:  Shaowen Bardzell, Lilly Nguyen, Sophie Toupin

There has been a recent growth in interest in feminist approaches to
practices like hacking, tinkering, geeking and making. What started off
as an interest in furthering representations of women in the technical
fields of computer science and engineering, often along the lines of
liberal feminism, has now grown into social, cultural, and political
analyses of gendered modes of social reproduction, expertise, and work,