Eve Pentest: Safety for sex workers


11.06.2020 - 20:06

About Cypher Sex

Cypher Sex is a queer feminist collective aimed at empowering LGBTQ* people, women, and sex workers in their use of online services and digital tools through workshops, guides, and personalized consultancies.

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Eve knows a lot about technology and how the internet operates. She uses many online services for her work and knows how to protect herself against potential stalkers, hackers and haters. She works in a dedicated dungeon and keeps her private life completely separated from her work life.

When SESTA/FOSTA was passed, and online services abruptly started locking down or deleting accounts without any warning, one of her accounts was deleted, but she didn’t lose her data because she had backed everything up and is now advertising her services on a more reliable platform that recognizes her right to anonymity as the ultimate protection against many threats she faces.

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