Artificial Knowing: Gender and the Thinking Machine


TítolArtificial Knowing: Gender and the Thinking Machine
Tipus de publicacióText
AutoriaAdam, Alison
Any de publicació1998
Lloc de publicacióLondon and New York
Tipus de llicènciacopyright

Adam, an expert in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), demonstrates how gender is inscribed in AI, challenging the masculine slant present in the field. She considers how knowledge is represented in some real AI systems and how gender is inscribed and maintained therein, through the process of representing that knowledge and various forms of reasoning. Through a feminist perspective, Adam reinforces and extends many of the traditional philosophical and sociological criticisms of AI. By locating feminist theory in relation to science and technology studies, Adam holds that feminist epistemology provides a valuable contribution to AI. She questions whether it matters that a majority of people involved in the field of AI are menï¿Â½is science so neutral that the gender of its creators is irrelevant? Adam gives the AI debate a feminist voice.