Cracking the Gender CodeWho Rules the Wired World?


TítolCracking the Gender CodeWho Rules the Wired World?
Tipus de publicacióText
AutoriaMillar, Melanie Stewart
Any de publicació1999
EditorialSecond Story Press
Lloc de publicacióToronto
Tipus de llicènciacopyright

Cracking the Gender Code: Who Rules the Wired World? is an accessible and lucid feminist analysis of Western discursive practices and representations of digital technology. It is the first, full-length, Canadian feminist analysis of digital technology with gender and race central to its assessment. Through a content analysis of Wired magazine, Stewart Millar employs what she calls a "feminist politics of anticipation" (p. 67). She argues that analyzing gender and race discourses within specific socio-economic contexts allows us to "anticipate" and hence, "critically respond to the emerging digital culture before it becomes widely accepted" (p. 67). While it is not clear how the politics of anticipation differs from feminist politics generally, few Canadian feminist scholars are examining digital technology at all (Balka, 1997; Benston, 1989; Menzies, 1996; Shade, 1993).