A Cultural Perspective on Gender Diversity in Computing


TítolA Cultural Perspective on Gender Diversity in Computing
Tipus de publicacióText
Formatworking paper
AutoriaBlum, Frieze, Hazzan, and Dias
Any de publicació2006
Tipus de llicènciacopyright

This paper presents a cultural perspective towards thinking about, and acting on, issues
concerning gender and computer science and related fields. We posit and demonstrate
that the notion of a gender divide in how men and women relate to computing,
traditionally attributed to gender differences, is largely a result of cultural and
environmental conditions. Indeed, the reasons for women entering – or not entering – the
field of computer science have little to do with gender and a lot to do with environment
and culture as well as the perception of the field. Appropriate outreach, education and
interventions in the micro-culture can have broad impact, increasing participation in
computing and creating environments where both men and women can flourish. Thus, we
refute the popular notion that focusing on gender differences will enhance greater
participation in computing, and propose an alternative, more constructive approach which
focuses on culture. We illustrate the cultural perspective using specific case studies based
in different geographical and cultural regions.

Paraules clauscomputing, cultural_perspective, gender