CYBERGHETTO OR CYBERTOPIA? Race, Class, and Gender on the Internet


TítolCYBERGHETTO OR CYBERTOPIA? Race, Class, and Gender on the Internet
Tipus de publicacióText
AutoriaEbo, Contributors: Bosah
Any de publicació1998
EditorialPraeger Publishers
Lloc de publicacióWestport
Suportfisic i electrónic
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Technological innovations tend to engender debates about social justice. The arrival of the automobile raised questions about the impact of mobility and urbanization on close communal enclaves. The advent of nuclear technology generated debates about the impact of the radical transformation of production techniques on corporate social responsibility. The introduction of the communication technologies of telegraph, radio, and television raised concerns about the decentralization of communal linkages and social isolation. The arrival of the Internet is now raising questions about social justice.