Digitales 2006


TítolDigitales 2006
Tipus de publicacióMultimedia
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Autoria3, Coordinació: Laurence Rassel Interface /
Any de publicació2006
Conference LocationBrussels
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The Digitales meetings take place in Brussels, in the Interface3 asbl training centre for women in new technologies and the ADA project, the aim of which is to stimulate, to bring together, to convince other partners and actors to reflect on and set up strategies and actions in order to dismantle prejudices concerning the nature of women and the computers / ITC, as well as promoting women's access to quality jobs in this sector. These meetings bring together women in training, their trainers, researchers, artists, activists, political and labour representatives, etc.

Our objectives
Finding a common language to provoke thoughts and to work out a practice which will stimulate women's action in contemporary society and bring awareness of the concept of gender to the debates on new technologies through:
- technological and creative initiation
- understanding of the work tool
- the critical analysis of new technologies
- the discovery and the construction of new images and interactions
- constructing history, means of transmitting experience

Bringing together those who:
- have or want to use technologies to earn their living and to provide for the needs of a family
- have professional and technical skills on the cutting edge of information and communication technology and alternative systems
- undertake university research in various disciplines and in various countries,
- create their artistic work by using 'traditional' or 'new' media (film, video, Internet, digital support)
- are interested by feminist thought on contemporary society.

Since 2001, 31 workshops, 96 forums, 11 conferences and 2 symposium were held during three "Digitales", bringing together some 200 guests coming from de 14 countries, taking place between several places of work, vocational training and culture in two Belgian towns, Brussels and Antwerp, thanks to the collaboration between different sectors : vocation training and integration (ADA programme), arts & media (Constant vzw, Studio XX), women studies (Sophia, Steunpunt Gelijke Kansen, SIGIS), women associations (Amazone, 29 Rue blanche, Cobeff), academic research, etc

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