Scum grrrls


TítolScum grrrls
Tipus de publicacióText
Any de publicació2003
Lloc de publicacióbruselas
Llenguatgefrench, english
Tipus de llicènciacopyright

The Sound and The Fury !

The Sound is for music, noise, disruption of pervading quietness and ideas, guitars, rhythm boxes and electronic notes. The Fury is for rage, anger, action, energy and passion. All this is to be found in our special Scum Grrrls nº on music and in the compilation CD offered to our subscribers and to the first readers (if you are not one of those, don't worry : everything is available on our website). Scum Grrrls will make you encounter women who have disturbed the world of rock, traditionally occupied by men, who have taken a guitar, a computer, a DJ console, like a technical prosthesis for propagating revolution. This issue deals with other cyborgs, other mutating women, other hybrids : the mix of queer and feminism, the bodies who evolve to comply with social rules, the happy hypothesis of gay parenting, the lesbian who keeps on coming out. In this issue also, a report on a woman candidate for the afghan elections, the manifesto of a play about rape and the imposture of the anti-evolutionism. Everything you need to spend a sizzling winter !