Voices in Women Media


TítolVoices in Women Media
Tipus de publicacióVideo
Formattaller/ workshop
Any de publicació2007
Tipus de llicènciacopyright

Mission Statement
There are many young women who are caught in between their homelands and a country offering security, freedom and peace. Women from the Asian continent are leaving their countries seeking better economic prospects in countries such as The Netherlands. These women leave their families, children and husbands behind for a chance to improve their political and personal situations. VOW believes that having these recent migrant women document this transitional period in their lives can empower them to reflect on what they left, why they left and to examine the critical difference between their ideals versus their reality. Through the lens of a video camera, women will create video portraits offering a glimpse into their personal life experience. VOW aims to encourage women to take hold of different forms of media to control their image and to present themselves accurately against stereotypes and negative representation in the mainstream media.

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